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In matters of food and taste, there are people more demanding than others, but there is something else than agree with everything, and this "something" is a quality that stands above all. We, a team of shop online Home Delicatessen, set a goal, to bring delicatessen all over the world. A wide range of delicatessen, charcuterie, extra virgin olive oil as well as alcoholic beverages and accessories - all this is a part of a long list of products of our shop.

We take care of such an important quality as perfection. We believe that without it our business cannot move forward, so every day we are searching the ways to improve the offered services. We believe that in this way, we will be able to reach out to our audience. We are very attentive to the new trends that appear constantly in the world of haute cuisine.

Whenever there are new products that we would have to take into account, we conduct a test to make sure that they suit to our quality requirements, for subsequent inclusion in our catalog of products. We pored over the raw materials from which delicatessen was made, what was the process of cooking, the presentation, etc. We try to make our product range wide and varied, and satisfy the tastes of everyone. We are also interested in international products, so if we saw what that gourmet products beyond our borders, we will immediately begin to plan its distribution. Although at the moment our assortment is dominated by the majority of Spanish food and delicatessens, it is because that the gastronomic quality of this country is very high!

The best products for your gift baskets

There is no better gift than a box or a basket filled with quality products. If you are going to present a set of your friend, co-workers or anyone who you care about, do not hesitate - contact us. We will advise the best way and create the perfect gift basket. Also, we put everything that you want in the basket, in order to get the perfect gift. Any your whim is permissible!

We also create a special gourmet gift as a basket of delicatessen. What do you want to give or buy? What is your idea? We urge you to share your ideas, so we can find the best way to come-those ideas into true. You want to give 100 bars of dark chocolate? Or do you want to surprise guests at the wedding of your daughter with original gift? All this is possible in our store which is specialized on gourmet food.

In our shop you will find only healthy (and quality) delicatessen products. We offer personalized and quality service. Trust us! Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will try to satisfy all your requests. By the way, we send our delicatessen to the most of countries.